August 26, 2016 is a pretty big day for The Non-Adventures of Wonderella. It marks the 10th year of the comic existing somewhere outside of my troubled mind. Many people don’t realize it’s that old (notably if they’ve just zipped through the archives), and I guess that’s a hat-tip that it’s aged well. As the date’s come closer, I realized three things:
  1. This will mark 15 years of my continuously making comics. Starting with the now-defunct Killroy & Tina, I’ve been shoving out weekly comic pages pretty much non-stop since 2001. Even when the online Wonderella schedule took a backseat for Kickstarter in 2014, I was still creating new content for print.
  2. Wonderella’s seen a lot. Wonderella has faced off against with vampires, vampire hunters, werewolves, ninja, assassins, cyborgs, robots, golems, ifrits, aliens, pirates, gods, demigods, Wonderella variants, gorgons, golden age characters, and a small buffet of food-based villains and heroes. She didn’t necessarily fight or even acknowledge all of them, but she did see them. Shortstorylong, I’ve already gone down a long path of ideas that can churn out its own single-page, self-contained storyline. Which leads to...
  3. I’m lurching towards longer storylines. I’m not talking Cerebus, or even the gentry’s 24-page floppy length. But the past couple years have seen a lot of 2-3 page comics. And I have an entire directory called “backburners” that consists of stories I started and stopped, because they don’t fit on a page or two. Maybe they fit on five pages? Maybe they fit on ten? At any rate, I haven’t been able to do them justice because I haven’t had the time with 9-5 work, life, and most importantly, the weekly Non-Adventures.
So this is me deciding to make time. August 27, 2016 will officially be the end of the weekly one-page schedule. From then on, I'll update when I have a completed story to post. Based on feedback, people seem to enjoy longer comics as much as, if not more than, the shorties. But that raises a few questions, and while a lot of this is in the ether for me, I think I can answer:
  • When will new content go up? I’ll stick with Saturday – whichever Saturday is on the doorstep when the work is done.
  • Will there EVER be one pagers again? Absolutely. If an idea fits one page, why not? I've got no beef with single-page comics; I just don’t want to push out a half-developed idea just to meet a Saturday timeline.
  • Why not just put out a weekly page of a 10-page story? Eh, that may work for other comics, but not Wonderella. I don’t do this to get pageviews, and it always feels weird when a comic page has a guy yelling “HEY!” and you need to wait a week to find out who he’s yelling at. I’d rather have a beginning, middle and end to each story, just like it is today.
  • Will it still be the NON-Adventures of Wonderella? Yes, even in longer story formats, Wonderella will continue to do whatever it takes to keep her adventures firmly “Non”. Plus, I mean, that's the URL.
Like I said, this is all new territory for me. But I’ll let you know when I know what’s next. If you have any questions that aren't addressed above, feel free to email me. Thanks! -Justin