June 14th will be The Non-Adventures of Wonderella's #400th comic storyline! It seems a nice, round number to set a few things in motion:
  • Wonderella Volume Three. This will collect comics #201-400, basically anything that isn't already in the first two books. As with book two, I'll be adding some a few small bits of bonus material, and one big one...
  • A full-length Wonderella origin story¬†created specifically for this book. It'll cover the transition from the precursor "Mom" Wonderella to the Dana Price version we know and love(?) in our modern times. It'll be longer than any Wonderella comic I've ever done, which might even qualify as an Adventure of Wonderella?
  • Kickstarter. How great would it be to get a Non-Adventures of Wonderella volume in a proper, glossy offset printing? An adequate amount of great. But that creates the sort of ¬†minimum quantity conundrum Kickstarter was created to solve. Plus, I've always wanted to set up some Wonderella premium goods, assuming the whole endeavor doesn't fail and send me spiralling into decay. Kidding! We're all spiralling into decay - it's the human condition!
  • Now, creating the maelstrom of book prep, Kickstarter and accoutrements will be a tidy sum of work. Wonderella isn't my main 9-5 job, so that'll mean stepping back from the main comic for a bit after #400, to get it all done. I will, however, stay in touch with progress on how the whole thing's going.
So, that's the deal. Got questions? Feel free to contact me. Thanks! -Justin